Alin Climente

Fullstack developer with Python and Javascript




SPA Firebase

Single page application website made using Javascript and Firebase.
Tags: Javascript, firebase, SPA, Mithril.js (similar to Reactjs/Vuejs).

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The easiest way to convert a python flask/django website to a desktop application.
Tags: threading, python, flask, django.

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Helps distributing python applications on computers without python installed.
Tags: python embedded, zipfile. pip, subprocess.

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GUI automation package. Can be used along with Selenium in order to test, automate (RPA) any application.
Tags: opencv, image processing RPA.

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Other projects

Checkout my github repo for more projects!
This is just a surface of what I can do, most of the cool stuff still runs behind the closed doors of the companies I worked for.

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Hello 👋

I am Alin Climente.

I am a tehnical person with a background in automotive, consultancy, logistics and software development.

Solving tehnical issues is what I do with pleasure. 😊

If you are currently looking for a person with similar skills, let's connect on LinkedIn. Or you can send me a message bellow.

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